Harry Potter Wand Necklace With Ollivanders Wand Box!

The Carat Shop

£24.99  £34.99

Carry your wand with you at all times with our brand new Wand Necklaces! this gorgeous example from Harry Potter is handcrafted and silver plated to give it that wonderful silver shimmer of quality that you come to expect from official products! this item can be worn day to day and really is an impressive and beautiful addition to anyone's collection!

The wand pendant is approx. 12cm in length.

The necklace itself is 85cm so you can have a good swish and flick!

It also comes with an official OLIVANDERS wand box for storage should you just want to show it off or even give it to someone as the Ultimate gift!


We have a limited sale stock of these items so when they are gone at half price they are GONE!!!

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