Harry Potter Diagon Alley (With Gringotts Trolley Coin) Keyring

The Carat Shop

£6.99  £9.99

How many times have you struggled around the supermarket with an overflowing basket because you didn't have a coin to release a trolley from the grips of the trolley chain gang? Not only will this keyring make that situation a thing of the past, but every time you use the trolley token cleverly clipped to this keyring, you'll be reminded of the magic and wonder of all that is Harry Potter. 

The keyring features two parts: the Diagon Alley streetsign-inspired decorative keyring attachment, and the Gringotts Trolley Token with the Gringotts Bank logo, and their motto. Both are made from the finest Bimetal Alchemical Thread (Metal) and are crafted in a simple black on silver design. 

Functional and stylish, this keyring will send any Harry Potter fan into fits of excitement.

This metal Harry Potter keyring is an ideal pick up item or GREAT for putting away for secret santas etc. add character to keys and bags. It features the Diagon Alley street name and the Gringotts logo which can also be used as a trolley coin!

Dimensions: 6 (w) x 13 (h) x 1.5 (d) cm
Packaging: Gift box
Composition: Metal

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