Loyalty Rewards

Welcome to WizWares Loyalty Rewards!

To get you started with our Loyalty Reward points we would like to explain how to get points, where to spend them and how to make the most out of them!


Lets start out with an example of how much similar companies points are worth...



Sainsbury's 500 points are worth £2.50 (@0.5 points per £1 spent)


with Tesco your 500 points are worth £5.00 (@1 Point per £1 spent)

But with WizWares , 500 points are worth a Whopping £10 (@1 Point per £1 spent)

we don't stop at just DOUBLE the value either, the more you spend online the FASTER you will earn points starting from getting 1 point per £1 spent, to getting 10 points per £1 spent...


Below are some of the ways that you can also earn reward points!



Method 1.)

Registering (50 Points)

we give you 50 points just for registering on the site (this also includes signing in with Facebook, Twitter, Amazon etc. etc.) By registering you not only get free points you can also track your orders easily and get up to date delivery notifications.


Method 2.)

Purchasing Items (varies)

This is the fastest way to get points, ALL items for sale on WizWares reward you with Loyalty Points! the amount depends entirely on how much you spend though!



Method 3.)

Sharing on social sites (25 - 50 points)

Perhaps the easiest way to get free points is to click share on the box below a products description and hit Share! you can do this once a week for an extra 50 points each time! its a "you scratch our back and we'll scratch yours" kind of deal!



Method 4.)

Refer a friend (100 Points)

This is a great way for you to get free points! simply log into your account and look for the "Referral Bonus" area, theres a link there that you can give to friends and family, if they use the link and make an order we give you 100 points, simple as that!, best of all you can do this as many times as you like!


If you have any questions on our loyalty reward system please let us know by hitting the "need help?" button below









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