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Harry Potter FULL Charm bracelet (Pandora Compatible)

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Perfect gift idea!

This Harry Potter Officially Licensed Bracelet is sure to amaze any fan of the famous Harry Potter series!

with 15 individual charms on display each tells its own story from the amazing Harry Potter Series!

The 15 charms (from Top Middle > Clockwise) are as follows:

  1. HufflePuff Hogwarts Housebase Crest
  2. Harry Potters Owl Hedwig
  3. A love potion
  4. Platform 9¾ Station Logo
  5. Ministry Of Magic Logo
  6. Hogwarts Acceptance Letter
  7. RavenClaw Hogwarts Housebase Crest
  8. The Sorting Hat
  9. Gryffindor Hogwarts Housebase Crest
  10. Dobby The House Elf
  11. The Quidditch Golden Snitch
  12. The Deathly Hallows Symbol
  13. Slytherin Hogwarts Housebase Crest
  14. Magical Quill/ Hippogriff Feather
  15. The Knight Bus 


The bracelet is a silver plated snake chain which is 19cm long (Medium) 

All 15 charms are supplied separately in their own Official Harry Potter labeled Packaging for you to add to your bracelet in the order you desire

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